Quickie Review: Meeting His Match by Katee Robert

This is a classic Cinderella story deconstructed. What you couldn't tell from the blurb? Caine is the son that stayed loyal to the family biz: works all the time, does what his father wants, and has absolutely no life. Addison is his fairy godlover to be, and when she comes into his life with promises of finding him his HEA, he decides that she's the only woman he wants to take home after the clock strikes twelve. And no, he won't let her go back for the missing glass slipper! 

This book was filled with fun dialogue, a little heartache, some mangy mutts that will capture your heart, and a swift kick in the pit of your stomach. I devoured it all in one sitting and hope that the rest of this new imprint from Entangled holds up to such high standards, cause I may be a lifer now. 

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